We’re Just Like a Family

by Radhika Misri
9th Grade, Developing Virtue Secondary Girls' School


Developing Virtue Girls’ School is a wonderful school. It may be hard, but it teaches you so many things that other schools do not teach, such as Chinese, Buddhist Studies, and Meditation. This school is something that you will never forget.

The girls that go to this school are people that you will be friends with for your whole life. Some of them could become lifelong friends. People here are interested in new ideas, and they are there to listen to you. When you are having hard times, you have your friends here to comfort you. We are just like family.

The school is very small. If you have a problem, it is easier to work things out. Since the classes are so small, you get more help from your teachers if you do not get something.

In this school, we learn to be filial to our elders and parents, be respectful, and to be a good student. Our school guides us to a better life.

If you are up for challenges, then go for it. Here, you choose your path to your future. What you do now, you will appreciate it in the future.

The teachers here really care about their students. They always check on everyone to see how they are doing, making sure they are getting it. They will do anything for you, they care so much about you. They lead you through the darkness and into the light.

I hope you appreciate this school. You will never see an environment like this, something that changes your life forever. Once you drive through that Gate, you fell like you have entered a sacred sanctuary. Everyone has a different feeling about this school, but this is mine. This school has helped me through lots of twists and turns in my life.

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