A Wonderful Learning Experience

by Andrew Ha
Ninth Grade, Developing Virtue Secondary Boys' School


This school provides me with a lot of useful and helpful things that will help me in the future, and one of them is memorizing “The Standard for Students”, a basic requirement for all students who live in the dorm. That book has many good principles, such as teaching younger children to be filial and respectful to their parents and elders.

Another one of my favorite courses is meditation. We not only sit down and relax, but learn to focus our minds.

Living in the dorm is a good experience because it teaches us how to live independently. The dorm is like a team that challenges us to cooperate and work with one another. It is easier for me to concentrate on my studies because there are no other things to distract me, such as music, girls, and so forth.

Teachers in the school provide various ways for students to learn and help us accomplish our work, and they will come at the right time to help us whenever we don’t understand something.

The extracurricular activities are very unique for they teach us about Chinese traditions. This way, we can learn more and more about Chinese culture.

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