Some Thoughts on Graduation

by Sunny Chye
Developing Virtue Secondary High School, Grade 12

Venerable Master, Dharma Masters, all good-knowing advisors, good evening. My name is Sunny Chye and I am one of the members of the graduating class from the Developing Virtue Boys' School this year. This year, in accord with CTTB’s 30th Anniversary, we are told to reflect with gratitude and renew with vigor, and so I shall start with a brief recap of my life. I came to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas from Singapore with my father and mother in 1992, both of whom worked here as volunteers for many years, until my visa expired in 1998. During those years here, I had the fortune of meeting the Venerable Master and many good-knowing advisors, all of whom gave me guidance while I was growing up. I regret to say that after I returned home to Singapore, all their efforts were quickly forgotten, and I began to fall in with the wrong crowd.

In 2005, I was enrolled in the Developing Virtue Boys' School after my mother found out I was old enough to stay in the dorm, and I've been here ever since. My four years here have been full of tests: academic and character-wise, and I have somehow survived them all with the guidance of my fellow friends and good-knowing advisor. Now that I am about to graduate, the aspect of not having these pillars of support guiding me through the tough obstacles I'll face in the future is rather daunting.

I am most indebted to my mother back in Singapore. While I faced obstacles here with the guidance of fellow peers, my mother struggled alone, coming home to nothing but a cold silence to embrace her after a hard day of work. Also, she had to raise a high amount of money to pay the government so that I could finish my studies here before returning home for military service. After I return to Singapore, I hope that I will be able to continue to conduct myself in a manner that will not disappoint my mother or any good-knowing advisors I have here in the City. Amitabha.

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