Exhortation to Protect and Propagate

Volume 1:

Chapter 1. The Ten Doors of Discrimination
The Division and The Vehicle
Chapter 2. The History of the Transmission and Translation 
Chapter 3. The Testimony of Faith 
Chapter 4. Ananda’s Fall 
Chapter 5. The Way to Shamatha 
The False Consciousness is Not the Mind
The False Consciousness is Without a Substance
Chapter 6. Ananda Repents and Seeks the Truth 

Volume 2:

Chapter 1. The Seeing Nature
Seeing Does Not Become Extinct
Seeing is Not Lost
Seeing Does Not Return
Seeing Does Not Intermingle
Seeing is Not Obstructed
Seeing is Not Separate
Manjushri Bodhisattva asks a Question
Seeing Transcends the Ordinary
Seeing is Apart from Seeing
Chapter 2. The Two False Views
Chapter 3. Mixing and Uniting

Volume 3:

Chapter 1. False is Just True
Chapter 2. The Five Skandhas
Chapter 3. The Six Entrances
Chapter 4. The Twelve Places
Chapter 5. The Eighteen Realms
Chapter 6. The Seven Elements Are All-Pervasive
Chapter 7. Ananda Gives Rise to Faith

Volume 4:

Chapter 1. The Reason for Continual Arisal
Chapter 2. The Reason for Perfect Penetration
Chapter 3. Ananda Attaches to Causes and Conditions
Chapter 4. The Two Decisive Doctrines
Liberation of the Organs
Chapter 5. Hearing is Not Sound
Chapter 6. The Source of the Knot

Volume 5:

Chapter 1. The Six Knots
Chapter 2. Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment
Five Organs
Universal Worthy Bodhisattva
Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva
Chapter 3. Manjushri Selects the Organ of Entry

Volume 6:

Chapter 1. The Three Non-Outflow Studies
Unalterable Instruction on Purity
One Must Cut Off Lust

One Must Cut Off Killing
One Must Cut Off Stealing
One Must Cut Off False Speech
Chapter 2. Establishing the Bodhimanda
Chapter 3. The Spiritual Mantra
The Shurangama Mantra
Chapter 4. The Two Upside-down Causes
Chapter 5. The Twelve Categories of Living Beings

Volume 7:

Chapter 1. The Three Gradual Stages
Chapter 2. The Bodhisattva Stages
The Ten Faiths
The Ten Dwellings
The Ten Conducts
The Ten Transferences
The Four Positions of Additional Practices
The Ten Positions of the Ten Grounds
The Position of Equal and Wonderful Enlightenment
Chapter 3. The Names of the Sutra
Chapter 4. The Seven Destinies
Destiny of Hells
Destiny of Ghosts
Destiny of Animals
Destiny of People
Destiny of Immortals

Volume 8:

Chapter 1. The Origin of Demonic States
Chapter 2. The Form Skandha
Chapter 3. The Feeling Skandha
Chapter 4. The Thinking Skandha
Chapter 5. The Formations Skandha
Chapter 6. The Consciousness Skandha
Chapter 7. The Concluding Instructions
Chapter 8. The The Arising and Cessation of the Five skandhas
Chapter 9. Exhortation to Propagate the Sutra

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