1. Movie Clips: Mt.Gate, moon, lotuses, deer, buck, fawns, peacocks, chicks, pheasants, donkey, squirrels, and fishes.

2. Movies 2: Sunrise, moon, rainbow, climatic changes, buck, deer, pheasant, squirrels, and web.

3. Movies 3: hummingbird, crows, pigeons, doves, mockingbird, pheasants, Scrub Jay, woodpecker, flicker, turkey vultures, and birds.

4. Movies 4: Incense Cedar, Valley Oak, Redwood, Atlas Cedar, Douglas Fir, Madrone tree, Cork tree, walnut tree, Cottonwood, Sycamore, Weeping Willow, Weeping Cypress, trees, bark, leaves, fruits, lichen, and resin.

5. Movies 5: Anna's Hummingbird, Black-headed Grosbeak, American Robin, American Bluebird, turkeys, sparrows, pigeon, Mockingbird, and hawk.

6. Movies 6: Stream, stream2, peacock displaying, peacock displaying2, peacocks roosting in a tree, Stellar's Jay, birds foraging, and Canada geese.

7. Movies 7: Sparkling stream, stream, and reflection on tree.

8. Movies 8: Buddhahall, Buddhist flag, iridescent cloud, mountain & trees, bird bathing, bird & squirrel, quails, peacock displaying, squirrels, deer grazing, butterfly, and flying insects.

9. Movies 9: Bowing, dining hall, fishes, flower, flower & peacock, flower & bee, Mallard wild ducks, and squirrel.

10. Movies 10: Peacock call, fledging, bird call, excited bird call, bird, peacock & pigeon, pigeons, pheasant, and hawks.

11. Movies 11: Sparkling stream, stream, and Mallard wild ducks.

12. Movies 12: fawns, doe, deer, young buck.

13. Movies 13: lotuses, lotus & fishes, adult & young scrub jays, juvenile birds' wings fluttering, chirping & begging for food, woodpecker, white pigeon, and vulture flying.

14. Movies 14: corn, dragonfly, scrub jays & squirrel, sprinkler creates rainbow colors, baby squirrels, squirrel, tree squirrel, flowers, and pheasant.

15. Movies 15: moon, rabbits, a kid gardening, bird bathing, flicker, white goose, woodpeckers, peacock close-up, and peahen close-up.

The City of 10,000 Buddhas Movie

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