Why I Love the Temple so Much

by Max Lu (3rd Grade)

Each Sunday, my mom would ask me on whether I am willing to go to the temple, I always give her a positive yes.  What makes me look forward to coming to the temple?

My mother first took me to the Avatamsaka Vihara when I was 3, I could barely talk. Now I am ten. It has been 7 years since I became a student of the temple.  Why have I been coming for 7 years? The reason is very simple. Because I love the temple very much.

Why? First of all, the dharma masters are extremely kind to all people and all kids. They always wear beautiful smiles on their faces. Even though they are not smiling, you can feel they are smiling in their heart. I just know that they are very gentle, loving and patient with kids, all kids, including kids with disabilities. They never yell at us, never frown at us, even when little kids are running around and screaming. They make you feel so loved, so peaceful and safe.

Secondly, the teachers are extremely nice. They  use their own time and knowledge to teach us the  important Chinese classics, something I would never know if I did not come. And they love us very much, despite our not-so-good behavior.

Thirdly, I love to play with other kids here. We have a big playground, lots of toys and books. The kids here are simply better kids than elsewhere. I feel so at home at the temple. 

My mother always says to us:  It is the Venerable Master Hua who has made all this possible for us! We can never thank the Venerable Master too much.  I totally understand it.

Even though I am only 10, I know I will keep coming to the temple in the future.

I know I will always be a student of the Avatamsaka Vihara, and I know I will be a lifetime student of the Venerable Master and the Buddha, and I believe that is the best way to thank the Master.


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