The Venerable Master Hua

by Trent Ly (8th Grade)

Who's ever heard of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas? If you did, then you must know who was the founder, the Venerable Master Hua. If you don't then let me introduce to you. From when I was small, I would constantly hear about the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is a place where people cultivate the dharma. My first time going there was when I was two years old. At that time, I thought that the monastery had lots of peacocks, and also had many trees. From when I was six years old, my parents would always bring me to participate in the dharma assemblies that took place every month.

The Venerable Master was born in Manchuria and came to America 50 years ago as the new Buddhist patriarch. His goal was to translate the sutras into many languages like the Bible. He started the International Translation Institute to fulfill this goal. As time passed he taught and propagated the True Dharma far and near. He gained many disciples which lead him to the creation of CTTB. Many times, his disciples would come and ask him questions and he would answer very truthfully. He entered nirvana in the year 1995.

Although I was not able to take refuge with the Venerable Master personally when he was still alive, I always prayed to him and he answers my questions in various ways. I will tell you my experience I had with the Venerable Master.

One time I was at home trying to study for a test when I encountered a really hard problem. As I was doing the work I kept on complaining, my mom heard me and told me to pray to the Venerable Master. I went to the house Buddha hall and bowed to his image. Later that night I went sleep and I had a dream about him.

I was at a temple hearing mantras being recited. I then went inside and saw the Master in a red robe in the platform speaking sutras. Then from his seat he answered my question within the Dharma talk. It was so inconceivable and when I woke up, I found the answer to my question and aced the test at my school that day.

I really appreciate the Venerable Master for creating this temple for kids worldwide to be able to get a good education. I wish I was able to see him in person however I am still able to listen to his talks and teachings in the books his disciples translated. I hope other people will find the Venerable Master as helpful and awesome as I did.


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