A Commentary by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma
Jewel Platform Sutra

The Five Previous Chinese Patriarchs
A General Introduction

Chapter 1: Action and Intention
Chapter 2: Prajna
Chapter 3: Doubts and Questions
Chapter 4: Concentration and Wisdom
Chapter 5: Sitting in Ch’an
Chapter 6: Repentance and Reform
Chapter 7: Opportunities and Conditions

                 Bhikshu Fa Hai
                 Bhikshu Fa Ta

Bhikshu Chih T’ung
                 Bhikshu Chih Ch’ang
                 Bhikshu Chih Tao
                 Bhikshu Hsing Szu
                 Dhyana Master Huai Jang

Dhyana Master Hsüan Chiao
                 Dhyana Master Chih Huang
                 One Member Of The Sangha
                 Bhikshu Fang Pien
                 Master Wo Lun’s Verse

Chapter 8: Sudden and Gradual
Bhikshu Chih Ch’e
                 Bhikshu Shen Hui
                 Difficult Questions

Chapter 9: Proclamations
Chapter 10: Final Instructions


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