In Memory of the
Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

The Ceremony of Sealing the Casket and
Speaking the Dharma

Hosted by the Elder Venerable Master Mingyang

Leaves fall and return to the root: one sees the original source.
This fleeting life is but a great dream--completely without traces.
In this one dream, there is nothing at all.
When the illusion ends, the truth continues to exist.

Respectful Announcement:

A noble Sangha member of contemporary times, the Elder Master Hsuan Hua To Lun, who traveled to America, was born in Harbin, Manchuria, China. The Bodhi tree bloomed early, and the Prajna lamp continued to shine. For many years he spread the religion and expounded the teachings. Throughout his life, he propagated the Dharma to benefit living beings, adorned countries and lands, and brought happiness and benefit to sentient beings. He was a teacher and model for humans and gods and a role model for the fourfold assembly.

He loved the country and loved his religion, and his meritorious works were monumental. He raised the Dharma banner in place after place and destroyed the nets of doubt, layer by layer. He taught and preached in America and Europe, converting millions of beings. Having mastered both the Chan meditation sect and the teachings, he guided tens of thousands of people.

Now, his imprint in the Saha world has perished, and his accomplishment in the Pure Land is complete. Since the wood of his conditions for teaching have burned up, the fire of his responses shines latently. The fruition is complete and the cause is perfected. He let go of everything and departed.

The Dharma Host raises the seal and speaks the verse for sealing the casket:

His spirit is unextinguished, equal to empty space--
The original owner of this person.
Neither going nor coming, perpetually unmoving,
The green mountains have always been in the white clouds.
With the seal raised, he says: "Seal it."

The Ceremony of Lighting the Fire for Cremation and Speaking the Dharma

Hosted by the Elder Dharma Master Mingyang

The Dharma Host recites a verse and lifts torch

Lighting the fire of samadhi,
To burn the illusory body,
Not defiled by a single speck of dust,
One is pure and naturally at ease.

In a loud voice: Light the fire!

The light illuminates in stillness, pervading lands as numerous as the Ganges' sands.
The worlds of the ten directions are all one family.
When not one thought arises, the entire substance manifests.
When the six faculties stir, one is covered by clouds.


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