A Commentary by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Flower Adornment Sutra Prologue Contents:

Ten Doors:

One, the causes and conditions for the arisal of the teaching:
The Ten Doors
The First Door
The Ten Causes
The Ten Conditions
National Master Ching Liang
Treatise on the Golden Lion

Two, Part One:
The Stores and Teachings in which it is contained:
General Arrangement
The Stores
The Sutra Store
The Vinaya Store
The Abhidharma Store
Summary of the Stores
The Containing
The Teachings
Establishments of Teachings
The Four Doors
The Reasons for not Dividing
The Reasons for Dividing
Disagreements and Concurrences
Two Teachings
Three Teachings
Four Teachings

Two, Part Two:
Four Teachings
Five Teachings
Ch'an and Pure Land Sessions

Two, Part Three:
Schools and Teachings
Fused Interconnection

Three, The Apportionment of Meanings and Principles:

Four, the potentials covered by the Teachings:

Five, the shallowness and depth of the teaching substance:

Six, the pervasiveness and uniqueness of purport and aim:

Seven, classifications by category, chapter, and assembly:

Eight, responses and insights in transmission and translation:

Nine, a general explanation of the Sutra’s title:

Ten, detailed elucidation of the meaning of the text:

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