The Shurangama Sutra Contents:


Introduction I: The Fundamental Importance of the Shurangama Sutra

Introduction II: The Buddha Speaks the Ultimate Extinction of the Dharma Sutra

User’s Guide to Volumes I to VIII of the Shurangama Sutra series, with the Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua's commentaries

The Shurangama Sutra Text:

The Ten Doors of Discrimination 1:1
The General Explanation of the Title 1:4
Causes and Conditions for the Arising of the Teaching 1:30
The Division and The Vehicle 1:52
The Depth of the Meaning and Principle 1:54
The Teaching Substance 1:62
Individuals Able to Receive the Teaching 1:64
Similarities, Differences and Determination of Time 1:66
The History of the Transmission and Translation 1:68
The Translator 1:70
The Reviewer, Certifier and Editor 1:76
The Testimony of Faith 1:79
Ananda’s Fall 1:121
The Way to Shamatha  1:155
The False Consciousness is Without a Location 1:167
The False Consciousness is Not the Mind 1:215
The False Consciousness is Without a Substance 1:253
Ananda Repents and Seeks the Truth 1:267

The Seeing Nature 2:1

Seeing Is the Mind 2:4
Seeing Does Not Move 2:9
Seeing Does Not Become Extinct 2:28
Seeing is Not Lost 2:46
Seeing Does Not Return 2:58
Seeing Does Not Intermingle 2:80
Seeing Is Not Obstructed 2:103
Seeing Is Not Separate 2:116
Seeing Transcends the Ordinary 2:142
Seeing is Apart from Seeing 2:159
The Two False Views 2:172
Mixing and Uniting 2:208

False Is Just True 3:1

The Five Skandhas 3:5
The Six Entrances 3:27
The Twelve Places 3:60
The Eighteen Realms 3:95
The Seven Elements Are All-Pervasive 3:138
Ananda Gives Rise to Faith 3:208

The Reason for Continual Arisal 4:1

The Reason for Perfect Penetration 4:62
Ananda Attaches to Causes and Conditions 4:115
The Two Decisive Doctrines 4:142
Purification of the Turbidities 4:145
Liberation of the Organs 4:161
Hearing is Not Sound 4:211
The Source of the Knot 4:237

The Six Knots 5:1
Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment 5:19
The Six Defiling Objects 5:24
Five Organs 5:44
The Six Consciousnesses 5:63
The Seven Elements 5:92
The Ear Organ 5:129
Manjushri Selects the Organ of Entry 5:189

The Three Non-Outflow Studies 6:1
One Must Cut Off Lust 6:10
One Must Cut Off Killing 6:20
One Must Cut Off Stealing 6:31
One Must Cut Off False Speech 6:48
Establishing the Bodhimanda 6:75

The Spiritual Mantra 6:87
The Two Upside-down Causes 6:162
The Twelve Categories of Living Beings 6:177

The Three Gradual Stages 7:1

The Bodhisattva Stages 7:25
The Ten Faiths 7:28
The Ten Dwellings 7:39
The Ten Conducts 7:46
The Ten Transferences 7:55
The Four Positions of Additional Practices 7:64
The Ten Positions of the Ten Grounds 7:68
The Position of Equal and Wonderful Enlightenment 7:75
The Names of the Sutra 7:82
The Seven Destinies 7:88
Destiny of Hells 7:118
Destiny of Ghosts 7:161
Destiny of Animals 7:175
Destiny of People 7:185
Destiny of Immortals 7:194
Destiny of Gods 7:206
Destiny of Asuras 7:248

The Origin of Demonic States 8:1

The Form Skandha 8:25
The Feeling Skandha 8:50
The Thinking Skandha 8:82
The Formations Skandha 8:174
The Consciousness Skandha 8:238
Concluding Instructions 8:277
The Arising and Cessation of the Five Skandhas 8:287
Exhortation to Propagate the Sutra 8:320

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