The Tradition That Ties Three Traditions

By Bhikshuni Jin Xiang


What does it take to bring individuals to one gathering? The same intention, the same aspiration, the same faith, the same spirit? All these key elements helped bring people from three Buddhist traditions to this one Vesak event at the White House on May 26, 2021.

A tradition, when held with the right intention, unites and connects people of all ages, cultures, and traditions. As such, Vesak keeps alive, for the past two thousand years, the tradition of celebrating and honoring the three events of the birth, awakening, and passing of the Buddha, “One Who Is Fully Awakened.”

The Vesak event at the White House, needless to say, is a historic one. Though it was recognized by President Obama in 2016 in a White House statement, this year marks the first time it was celebrated at the highest office of the United States of America.

From humanity’s perspective, this event also signals more awareness, in the West,¬†of an Asian tradition that celebrates the universal potential of every human being--that with the right guidance we can triumph over tribulations through confidence and perseverance.

Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith

Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith

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