Happy Chinese New Year 2008       

* Maitreya Bodhisattva's Birthday: February 7, 2008.

* Lunar New Year Mantra Recitation: February 7, 2008.

When spring returns to the earth, the myriad things grow;
When empty space is smashed, one is free as can be.
From here onward, one no longer attaches
to the discriminations of self and others;
Though the Dharma Realm is immense, one encompasses it all.

--by Venerable Master Huan Hua

Plans for the year are made in the spring,
Plans in the day are made in the morning.
Plans for one's life are made in one's youth.

--Chinese Proverb

An excerpt from the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua's talk:

"A person's heart cannot be for a moment without happiness. If there are rainstorms and gusty winds, then heaven and earth are not in harmony. 'Heaven and earth cannot exist for a day without harmony.' There should always be a gentle breeze and an auspicious energy..."

To read the entire talk, please click on:

Our Hearts Cannot be Unhappy for a Single Day

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