Happy Chinese New Year

Maitreya Bodhisattva's Birthday 彌勒菩薩聖誕: January 22, 2023
Lunar New Year Mantra Recitation 新年護國息災法會: January 22, 2023


Venerable Master Hsuan Hua:


How should we be happy? In our own natures, we should always be content. As it is said,“Knowing contentment, one is always happy. Able to be patient, one is naturally at peace.”We should always be content. In every moment and at all times, we ought to be content.

We human beings have more wisdom and more spiritual awareness than animals. We surpass them in every respect. For that reason, we should be content. If we are content, we will be happy and without afflictions. So not only should we be happy when celebrating the new year, we should be happy and free of afflictions all the time. That way, we can“cultivate the ground of the mind and nurture the sky of the nature.”

If you can make the ground of your mind bright, and the sky of your nature bright, this brightness is the brightness of the Buddha. Why haven't we manifested this brightness? It's because we have not truly been able to“cultivate the ground of the mind and nurture the sky of the nature.”Therefore, according to Buddhism, if you can be happy all the time, just this is cultivation.

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什么我们应该快乐?我们应该自性常常地知足,所谓知足常乐,能忍自安,知足常足,我们要时时刻刻都要知足。我们做人了,比那一切的畜生都有智慧,有灵知灵觉,一切的一切都超过畜生,这我们就应该知足了。我们知足,就快乐了,就没有烦恼。所以这不是过年要快乐,是时时刻刻都要 happy(快乐),不要烦恼,那么这样子才能“栽培心上地,涵养性中天。”你能心地光明了,性天也光明了,这个光明就是佛的光明。我们为什么没有现出这光明?就因为我们没能真正栽培心上地,涵养性中天。所以在佛教里头,你若能常常快乐,这就是修行。

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