The Jeweled Repentance Before
Ten Thousand Buddhas

Extracts from the February 2009 issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea
By Kitty Kuo, age 18


The Jewelled Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas is my favorite practice. The harmonious praises calm my scattered mind and fill it with peace and joy. The sound of the Dharma instruments impress upon me the splendor and nobility of Buddhism.

The name of each Buddha carries inconceivable meaning. Although some names are quite short, such as Bright Light Buddha and Pure and Clean Buddha, if we can understand each Buddhas name, we will not have to remain in the wheel of rebirth in the Saha World.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to come back to the City again. In my last year here before I graduate, I want to make the best use of this opportunity and bow as much as I can, praying everything will go smoothly for me in the future.


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