My Vision of CTTB

By Jackie Kang, aged 11, Grade 6, 2009

I like the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) because I have learned a lot of lessons and virtues here. I have also learned the Six Principles. These principles are no greed, no fighting, no seeking, not being selfish, no seeking personal advantage, and no lying. When I follow these principles, I will get no bad karma.

I go to the ceremonies at the Buddha Hall where I recite with the assembly for obtaining wisdom and we get blessings for being sincere and mindful. I feel lucky to learn Buddhism and practice the six principles at my early age.

At the Boy’s school, I am very lucky to learn the proper education there. Why I like the school better than the other schools is that we have strict rules that all the kids don’t bully others, hurt someone, or do something bad.

Now for the future of the school, I hope that we will have more sport teams like table tennis, tennis, swimming, and baseball. Everyone can exercise to stay healthy. Also I would like to see better equipments in the lab for subjects such as, Science, Physics, and Architecture. So we can learn and incorporate to help our community to maintain CTTB. For the community of CTTB, we need to get solar panels to generate electricity, and a better system to conserve water.

Also we should have more doctors, nurses, and caretakers, so that people living here won’t need to go far away to look for doctors. CTTB should have its own buses for taking care of the elderly, sick people, and visitors. We should SAVE THE TREES and not cut them down. If we wanted to get fuel for heat in the winter, I would suggest using Science to change cold into hot instead of cutting down trees to get wood for fuel.

We need to build a bigger dining hall and a bigger Buddha hall for the increasing number of visitors that will come on special events and ceremonies. More and more people will be coming to CTTB in the future to pursue a better education for children, and a better Way-place for cultivation. We should prepare to get ready to provide all of these needs.

First of all, in order for that to happen, we all should live in CTTB harmoniously. Every one should communicate by having a sincere heart and by caring for each other; learn from mistakes by repenting and improving our minds.

I hope our world won’t have that many wars and sufferings. I’d like to see CTTB working together with the outside communities as a network to provide something related such as, education, organic farming, vegetarian cooking, etc., and benefit them. Furthermore, the most important thing is to provide the Way for all living beings to relieve their sufferings. I hope everyone will be living in a better world in the future.


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