Comments from the
Humboldt State University Students

From the July 1990 issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea

   Comments from Students on Retreat at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas A group of students from Humboldt State University received an introduction to Buddhism as a way of life on a weekend visit to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. At the end of the weekend, they were asked to write down their reactions to their stay. What follows is excerpts from some of their comments.  

“Thank you for the introduction to your religion. I’ve found my stay very interesting and informative. But more importantly, thank you for introducing me to a more focused way of thinking and living…”

“I can’t remember a moment during the weekend that I wasn’t completely satisfied and peaceful. Even waking up at 4:00 wasn’t that bad because I knew of the wonderful experiences awaiting me in the Buddha Hall. I learned much about Buddhism, but even more about myself. This weekend actually reinforced what I already knew about myself but chose to ignore, that there is a spiritual gap in my life. Whichever road I take to find my spiritual nature, I will be able to draw upon my experiences here…”

“The monks have affected me profoundly, in their example…the Buddhism I know now is real and very, very intense. I hope I can carry the beautiful feeling that I know more about Buddhism than I could have learned in books or in a classroom…”

“Through the meditation, lectures, and discussions, I learned much about Buddhism, and a little about myself. The peace and tranquility that flow through everyone here are enlightening. I feel as through I have so much more to learn. I want to learn. I know that someday I will return here…”

“I hope more schools can come-if you touch each student in a little way, maybe the world would be a better place…”

“…Buddhism is no longer a mysterious religion in my mind. If someone asked me what it was all about, I would tell them that it is beyond words to describe and that it is just something that has to be experienced…”

“…the lectures gave me a true feeling for Buddhism and its beliefs. I enjoyed the ceremonies because they extended this factual information and gave it a more emotional side. I enjoyed the meditation exercises very much; also I would like to practice meditation on a regular basis now. It amazes me that this type of place exists…”

“I feel like I learned a great deal during my short stay, certainly more than my world religion texts explain, and much clearer as well. I also really enjoyed the tea break discussions and learned a lot during those smaller groups…there are many wonderful things about Buddhism that will fit into my life nicely. This was probably the most pleasant experience with religion that I’ve ever had…”


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