Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Buddhist Translation
Certificate Program



The Graduate Certificate in Buddhist Translation is an integrated two-semester program that combines translation from Chinese to English (or other languages) with study, practice, and service in a monastic setting. The Certificate Program is not a program focused on language learning per se. This Program is designed for students who wish to deepen their understanding of Buddhism through translation, improve their mastery of Buddhist canonical languages, and contribute to the effort of translating Buddhist texts. 

Students will learn Buddhist concepts and thought, translation theories, the use of translation resources and tools, research skills, terminology management, and teamwork, while maintaining spiritual practices. The aim is to create accurate translations that capture the spirit and meaning of the source texts while being sensitive to the nuances in the source and target languages, including grammatical structure, idiomatic expressions, and linguistic connotations...

For more information on Buddhist Translation Certificate Program, please visit: DRBU Certificate in Buddhist Translation

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