Venerable Master and the School

by Tim Hau

When I first came here in 2008, I was only 13 years old. Thinking back at it now, I found out how fast time went by, seeing that it has already been 2 years. The way I look at CTTB now is completely different from 2 years ago. I thought this was a very boring place, but like I said, my perspective of this place entirely changed.

Before I came here, I had never heard of the name Venerable Master Hua. But after I had been here for one year, I started to know things about him. Venerable Master did a lot of good things in his life, including establishing the school. Without him I wouldn’t be in this school today. The Venerable Master was a great person; he has a quote that says: “What other people don’t want I will take it and what other people want I will give it all to them.” Jobs like washing the toilet, things that people think are too dirty to do; he will do because he’s not afraid of dirtiness. And things like money and goods he will give them all to the people if they want.

Venerable Master was the founder of this school. The reason he set it up was to teach people how to be a good person, to not be wasteful. For example, he passed down the Eight Virtues and the Six Great Principles. Also the Boys and Girls schools are separated so that the students can be attentive in their study. And he let the Buddha dharma live on.

CTTB is a very good place, a very quiet, peaceful place. Here we have a lot of animals, peacocks with beautiful feathers, deer eating grass every day, and the most lovable squirrels running around everywhere.

I remember when it was my first day coming to this school, I took a deep breath, and the air was very fresh. I walked into the Buddha Hall; I saw the statue of Venerable Master Hua. At that time I thought he must be a very special person because so many people bowed to him and paid respect to him. People like Venerable Master are so rare in this world. So we should all learn from him. But I feel bad that I can’t meet him anymore, such a great person .

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