The Venerable Master,
Developing Virtue Boys' School, and I

by Wilson

In many ways it could be said that through the work of the Venerable Master, my life was spared, allow me to elaborate. My life before coming to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) was chaotic and miserable. I had a terrible personality that annoyed everyone around me, even my parents. I was a spoiled, selfish, and annoying brat that could never keep his mouth shut.

I changed schools a lot and because of that I never really made any close friends. Those that did become my friends soon found me to be stubborn and selfish. So I spent a big part of my childhood alone, in front of a television set watching soap operas or anything that was on.

In middle school I got into a lot of fights and was always angry with someone. Finally in fifth grade I began to neglect my homework and eventually refused to do any homework at all. At that time I was going to a Baptist Christian school and even the teachers there got fed up with my attitude and asked me not to come back the following year. Looking back I really regret acting out like that but on some level I am glad that I did because it was through that I finally ended up here at Developing Virtue Boys School (DVBS).

DVBS was like no other school I had ever attended. I was so used to schools where teachers don’t care about their students that coming to DVBS was a shocking experience for me. There was only two other students in my grade level so the teachers here gave us a lot of attention and actually answered our questions.

I felt that because of coming here to DVBS I have changed a lot and I am a better person because of it. I am grateful to Shr Fu for making DVBS such a wonderful school and through his teachings I can go through life a smarter, more capable person with good morals and values.

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