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Chapter 26


At that time Medicine King Bodhisattva rose from his seat, uncovered his right shoulder, placed his palms together, faced the Buddha and said, “World Honored One, if a good man or a good woman can receive and uphold the Dharma Flower Sutra, whether reading or reciting it with ease and understanding, or writing it out, what blessings will that person gain?”

The Buddha said to Medicine King, “What do you think? If a good man or a good woman were to make offerings to Buddhas equal in number to the grains of sand in eight million kotis of nayutas of Ganges rivers, would the blessings he gained not be great?”

“Very great, World Honored One.”

The Buddha said, “If a good man or a good woman can receive and uphold even a single four-line verse of this Sutra, read it, recite it, and explain its meaning, and cultivate in accord with its teaching, his or her merit and virtue will be extremely great.”

At that time Medicine King Bodhisattva said to the Buddha, “World Honored One, I shall now give to the speakers of Dharma a dharani mantra for their protection.”

He then spoke the mantra, saying:

“An er. Man er. Mo mi. Mo mo mi. Zhi li. Zhi li di. She li. She li duo wei. Shan di. Mu di. Mu
duo li. Suo li. E wei suo li. Sang li suo li. Cha yi. E cha yi. E chi ni. Shan di. She li. Tuo la ni. E lu qie pe suo. Bo zhe pi cha ni. Mi pi ti. E bian duo luo mi li ti. E tan duo bo li shu di. E jiu li. Mu jiu li. E luo li.
Bo luo li. Suo jia cha. E san mo san li. Fo tuo pi ji li zhi di. Da mo bo li cha di. Seng qie nye jyu sha mi. Po she po she shu di. Man duo luo. Man duo luo cha ye duo. You lou duo. You lou duo qiao she liao. y E cha luo. E cha ye duo ye. E po lu. E mo rao nuo duo ye.”

“World Honored One, this Dharani, this spiritual mantra has been spoken by Buddhas equal in number to the sands of sixty-two kotis of Ganges Rivers. If anyone harms this Dharma Master, he will thereby have harmed these Buddhas.”

Then Shakyamuni Buddha praised Medicine King Bodhisattva saying, “Good indeed, good indeed, Medicine King, that you mercifully protect this Dharma Master by speaking this Dharani, thereby greatly benefiting living beings.”

At that time Courageous Giving Bodhisattva said to the Buddha, “World Honored One, I too shall speak a Dharani to protect those who read, recite, receive, and uphold the Dharma Flower Sutra. If this Dharma Master gains this Dharani, no yaksha, rakshasa, putana, kritya, kumbhanda, or hungry ghost will be able to seek out his weakness and take advantage of him.”

Then, in the presence of the Buddha, he spoke this mantra:

“Cuo li. Mo he cuo li. Yu zhi. Mu zhi. E li. E luo po di. Nie li di. Nie li duo po di. Yi zhi ni. Wei zhi ni. Zhi zhi ni. Nie li chi ni. Nie li chi po di.”

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