Gathas Spoken by Venerable Master Hsu Yun

Companions and friends in the Dharma, please
Do not worry, set your minds at ease.
Life and death from karma arise
Just as the silkworm is trapped in its own cocoon.
If you do not lessen greed and confusion,
Then you are imprisoned by worry and joy,
If you want to get out of this tribulation,
Work very hard at your own cultivation.
Wonderfully mesh with non-production;
With bright understanding, penetrate to the mind-ground.

Cutting off feelings of love and hate,
Escape from the wheel before it is too late.
The Triple Non-outflow Study must be attained,
And the Four Applications of Mindfulness strictly maintained.
Vow to protect the Precepts too,
Even though it is illusory lightning and dew.
Be certified as enlightened to true emptiness,
And the ten thousand dharmas' oneness.
The sorrow and joy of coming and going,
like bubbles from water are just causes flowing.

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