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The ways in which the Venerable Master taught his disciples certainly were ultimate expedients, both wholesome and astute. Sometimes he used a tap and a shout, sometimes, an opportune poke. Sometimes he showed repeated kindness, as a mother would. Sometimes he scolded sharply, as a stern father might. In general, he was able to directly reach sentient beings with varying faculties and particular causes and conditions by offering teachings according to their propensities.

We disciples, in receiving the Master’s personal guidance, profoundly cherish and remember his teaching that regarded all beings with great kindness and recognized their fundamental identity.

Virtually all of us disciples have had the same experience of being apart from the Master and yet having his teaching right with us as a shadow follows a form.

And so it happens that when we awaken in the morning wondering about something, we receive an answer that day at lunch on the audio recording of the Master, aired totally without any plan or contrivance. Or we have some idle thought during the day and that evening while listening to an audio recording of the Master, he reveals our false thinking without the least politeness. It is impossible to count the number of times his teaching, in such inconceivable ways, has reached us over the decades of the Master-disciple relationship.

Even now, although the Master is no longer physically present, still his teaching continues just as always.

Lunar fifth month 10th day, 2001
6th memorial of the Venerable Master’s Nirvana

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