Records of the Pure Land

Dharma Master Dau Ru

From the #180 May 1985 issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea

By Lung Shu

Translated by Bhikshuni Heng Wen, Ph.D.
Transcribed by Bhikshuni Heng Bin

Once a Dharma Master named Dau Ru made a vow to save all living beings who are undergoing suffering. He built an image of Amitabha Buddha that was 16 feet tall and gilded it with gold. He was very sincere in his cultivation and everyday he would bow before the image and make offerings to it. Once when he was bowing he was so exhausted that he fell asleep and right there had a dream that an attendant from King Yama appeared with official papers straight from the court of King Yama. The attendant said, “King Yama is very happy about the vows that you have made.” Then he handed him the papers to read. They read:

“Dharma Master, you want to save all the living beings who are suffering in the three evil paths and so you built this Buddha image. This Buddha image appears to all the living beings in the hells just like a living Buddha and speaks the Dharma for them so they are all able to leave suffering and attain bliss.” When he woke up, he cultivated even more diligently.

During special days at the temple five or six out of ten people could see the Buddha image emitting light. Once someone dreamt that the Dharma Master had a golden body and went to the hells to speak the Dharma. The strength of the Dharma Master’s vow was very great. In fact, there were others who dreamt that he went to the realm of hungry ghosts and to the hells to speak the Dharma for all the living beings so they could leave suffering and attain bliss.

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