Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain

Emptiness and existence are non-dual: this is the mystery of all mysteries.
Carefully ponder the meaning within this.
Living beings have been asleep for limitless eons;
Buddhas awaken in the space of an instant.
Draw near to wise teachers, and cultivate the Proper Dharma.
Stay away from nonbelievers [icchantikas],
and eliminate unwholesome desires.
With the great power of patience, you reach the other shore (Paramita).
Unmoved by the eight winds, you are at Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain.

--Composed by Venerable Master Hua on May 20, 1978

Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain

The three thousand great thousand worlds arise in a single thought.
When the great manifests within the small, another world is reached.
As the breeze blows through Ukiah, fragrant flowers smile.
When it rains in Talmage, moistened plants rejoice.
With boundless joy and giving, bring benefit to the multitudes.
With vows of kindness and compassion, alleviate suffering and bestow happiness.
The constant changes of the land are speaking the great Dharma.
Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain wells forth from the earth.

--Composed by Venerable Master Hua on April 20, 1978

View of CTTB from Wonderful Enligtenment Mountain

Ascending Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain

Descending Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain

Pond Area at Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain

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