Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss.

The King of All Dharmas is the one word "Amitabha."
The five periods and the eight teachings are all contained within it.
One who single-mindedly remembers and recites his name
In samadhi will enter the Thus Come Ones' place of quiescence.

Amitabha Buddha is also known as “Amitayus”. “Amitabha” means “limitless light” and "Amitayus means "limitless life". He is the Buddha of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss. The three Pureland Sutras: The Larger Sutra on Amitabha, The Smaller Sutra on Amitabha, and the Contemplation (visualization) of Amitabha Buddha Sutra.

Countless eons ago, Bhikshu Dharma Treasury made 48 inconceivable vows before Lokesvaraja Buddha. He vowed that his Buddhaland will be the most blissful and pure; that all who are born there will advance irreversibly to Buddhahood. Bhikshu Dharma Treasury is now Amitabha Buddha.

Praise to Amitabha Buddha:

Amitaha's body is the color of gold
The splendor of his hallmarks has no peer.
The light of his brow shines 'round a hundred worlds,
Wide as the seas are his eyes pure and clear.
Shining in his brilliance by transformation
Are countless Bodhisattvas and infnite Buddhas.
His forty-eight vows will be our liberation,
In nine lotus-stages we reach the farthest shore.

Homage to the Buddha of the Western Pureland, Kind and Compassionate Amitabha. To read the talk on recitation of the Buddha's name, please click on:

The Door of Mindfuless of the Buddha.

The Three Sages of the Western Pureland:
Left: Great Strength Bodhisattva
Center: Amitabha Buddha
Right: Gwan Yin Bodhisattva

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