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The Wondrous Adornments of the Rulers of the Worlds

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva King of Oceanic Wisdom and Sovereign Spiritual Powers received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses.

He already knows that to which all Buddhas awaken.
Unimpeded like space, he clearly illumines everything.
His brilliance pervades countless lands in the ten directions.
His very presence adorns and purifies all assemblies.

Immeasurable, the Thus Come One’s merit
Completely fills the dharma realms of the ten directions.
Under every King of Trees, the Buddha is seated.
And those of great self-mastery gather ‘round like clouds.

The Buddha has such mighty spiritual powers
That he can manifest infinite forms in a single thought.
The realm of the Thus Come One is boundless.
Each being perceives it according to his liberation.

Long ago, through oceanic eons, the Thus Come One
Practiced diligently in all realms of existence.
He used various expedients to transform all beings,
So they could accept and practice all Buddhadharmas.

Adorned with every hallmark, Vairochana
Is seated upon a lotus treasury lion throne.
All the assembled multitudes are purified.
Serenely, everyone gazes up at him.

The treasury of mani jewels shimmers with light,
Everywhere releasing boundless clouds of fragrant flames.
Countless strands of flowers trail down.
On such a throne the Thus Come One is seated.

At the auspicious entrance-way, assorted ornaments
Perpetually send forth jeweled, blazing clouds of lamplight.
Such tremendous effulgence illuminates everything,
Enhancing the fine hallmarks of the Muni seated therein.

All kinds of mani embellish the beautiful windows,
Wonderful precious lotuses ornamentally trail down.
Lovely sounds are emitted, delighting all who hear.
Seated there, the Buddha assumes special eminence.

The throne is supported by precious wheels shaped like half moons.
The dais of vajra has a fiery, brilliant color.
Bodhisattvas with topknots constantly gather ‘round.
Among them, the Buddha is most resplendent.

Various transformations fill the ten directions,
Proclaiming the Thus Come One’s vast vows
And manifesting all scenes and images.
The Buddha sits serenely upon such a throne.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Universally Resounding Thunderclap received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses.

While accumulating practices for bodhi, the World Honored One
Made offerings to countless Buddhas in the ten directions.
Aided by the awesome power of the Well Gone One,
All can see the Thus Come One on his throne.

Fragrant, brilliant mani, the magnificent, wish-fulfilling gem,
Is inlaid on the lion throne of wondrous flowers.
Various decorations are reflected in its surface.
The whole assembly clearly beholds all of this.

The Buddha on his throne assumes an adorned appearance.
The forms he manifests vary from thought to thought.
According to their different conceptions, sentient beings
Each perceive the Buddha seated upon his throne.

Jeweled branches hang down, forming a net of lotuses.
When the flowers bloom, Bodhisattvas emerge.
Each speaks with a splendid, charming voice,
Extolling the Thus Come One seated upon the throne.

Vast as space, the Buddha’s meritorious virtue
Gives rise to all his adornments.
His work of adornment at each and every ground
Surpasses the comprehension of any sentient being.

Paved with indestructible vajra,
The ground is vast, pure, and completely level.
Mani-studded nets drift and flutter in the air.
While beneath the bodhi tree, the Buddha pervades everywhere.

Boundless and sublime in appearance,
The ground is covered with dust of pure gold
And spread with fine flowers and multitudes of gems,
All brightening the Thus Come One’s throne.

The earth spirits leap up in joy and happiness
As the Buddha makes infinite revelations in an instant
And everywhere creates beautiful clouds.
The spirits constantly fix their gaze upon the Buddha.

Gigantic, jeweled lamps of fiery splendor
Pour forth redolent, blazing light without cease,
Manifesting states that vary over time.
Earth spirits present these as offerings.

All the lands throughout the ten directions
And all adornments in those lands
Without exception now appear in this bodhimanda
By virtue of the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Radiant Topknot of All Jewels received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses.

While practicing long ago, the World Honored One
Observed the perfection of all Buddhas’ lands.
In this way he saw infinitely many grounds.
All is now clearly revealed in this bodhimanda.

With immense spiritual powers, the World Honored One
Releases light that everywhere rains down mani jewels.
Strewn throughout the bodhimanda, these jewels
Ornament the grounds and surroundings.

By the Thus Come One’s blessings, virtue, and spiritual powers,
Wondrous jewels of mani decorate everywhere.
The ground as well as the bodhi tree
Mutually expound with light and sound.

Countless jeweled lamps fall through the air like rain,
Intermingling with magnificent jewels to become adornments.
They all emit wondrous sounds proclaiming the Dharma.
This is what the earth spirits manifest.

Clouds of lovely radiance appear all across the precious ground.
Precious torches blaze as brilliantly as lightning.
Precious nets extend afar, providing shade from above.
Precious branches are scattered throughout as ornamentation.

Everyone! Thoroughly contemplate this earth
Embellished with all kinds of marvelous gems.
It reveals the sea of sentient beings’ karma,
Leading them to understand the true Dharma nature.

All Buddhas throughout the ten directions
As well as all perfect bodhi trees
Appear without exception in the bodhimanda
To expound the Thus Come One’s pure Dharma.

According to sentient beings’ inclinations,
Wondrous sounds issue forth from all over the earth.
Just as when the Buddha proclaims from the throne,
Each and every dharma door is expounded in full.

A subtle, scented radiance rises constantly from the earth.
Pure and clear voices pervasively resonate within the light.
All sentient beings who are ready for the Dharma
Can hear it and let their afflictions melt away.

Each and every ornament is totally perfect.
Even in a billion eons, they could not be described.
The Thus Come One’s spiritual power reaches all places.
Hence the earth is all beautiful and pure.

t that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Sun of Great Knowledge and Courageous Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses.

The World Honored One sits absorbed in the Dharma Hall,
A clear and dazzling presence within the palace.
According to the delights of sentient beings,
He manifests throughout the lands of the ten directions.

The Thus Come One’s palace is inconceivable,
Adorned with a treasury of mani gems.
The ornaments shine and dazzle, one and all.
Seated among them, the Buddha is especially eminent.

There are columns of mani in various hues
And bells of pure gold suspended like clouds.
There are jeweled staircases lining the four sides
And doors that open in every direction.

Among silken banners adorned with beautiful blossoms,
Ornamental jeweled branches,
Andmanibeads draped on all four sides,
The Ocean of Wisdom sits serenely.

Nets of mani and banners of wondrous fragrance,
Bright as blazing lamps and arrayed in cloud-like formation,
Hang above the assorted ornaments.
The Transcendent One of Right Knowledge sits in their midst.

Magical clouds appear throughout the ten directions.
These clouds proclaim Dharma for all in the worlds,
Taming and subduing all sentient beings.
All this is manifested from the Buddha’s palace.

Wondrous flowers bloom on the tree of mani.
Nothing in the ten directions can compare.
The adornment of the lands of the three periods of time
Is entirely revealed in this state.

Clusters of mani are everywhere to be found,
Blazing with infinite kinds of brilliance.
Well-spaced doors and windows open in every direction.
The entire building is elegant and of the utmost beauty.

The Thus Come One’s palace is inconceivable,
Pure, luminous, and filled with every kind of image.
All other palaces appear within it,
Each with a Thus Come One seated inside.

The Thus Come One’s palace is boundless.
The Enlightened One naturally dwells within it.
The multitudes throughout the ten directions
All gather at the Buddha’s without fail.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Inconceivable Meritorious Virtues and Precious Seal of Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses. 

The Buddha cultivated an ocean of blessings
As numerous as the motes of dust in all lands.
His spiritual powers and vows made this possible.
The bodhimanda is adorned, pure, and unsullied.

The roots are made of magnificent, wish-fulfilling jewels.
The body of the tree is made of vajra and mani.
 Jeweled nets cover it from high above.
A mist of sublime fragrance circulates around it.

Myriads of jewels adorn the branches of the tree.
Its trunk of mani vigorously stretches upward.
The dense covering of branches resembles layered clouds.
The Buddha sits in the bodhimanda below.

The bodhimanda is vast beyond conception—
Covered entirely by the shade of the tree.
Its flourishing leaves and flowers protect and reflect one another.
A mani fruit grows in each blossom.

Shimmering rays shine between the branches,
Lighting up the entire bodhimanda.
Such pure, infinite resplendence
Appears by the power of the Buddha’s vows.

The flowers are made of mani gems in abundance.
The shadows and radiance resemble exquisite clouds,
Enshrouding the tree with all-pervasive fragrance
And decorating every part of the bodhimanda.

Look inside the bodhimanda of the Well Gone One.
The precious nets of lotuses are pure and clean.
Emerging from them are flaming orbs of light.
Bells tinkling and tolling are heard in the clouds.

All beautiful trees of wondrous colors
That grow in the lands of the ten directions
Appear within the bodhi tree.
Beneath that tree, the Buddha transcends all defilement.

The vast, expansive bodhimanda results from blessings.
Jewels rain down endlessly from the branches.
From each jewel emerge Bodhisattvas,
Who serve and make offerings to Buddhas in the ten directions.

The realm of the Buddhas is inconceivable.
They universally cause their trees to make music.
Hearing the sound, the multitudes are able to see
The Buddhas’ past practices on the bodhi path.

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