Autumn at CTTB

The holy sages enlightened to conditions
Doze high on mountain peaks alone.
Springtime's flowers wither in the fall
In a cycle of twelve interconnecting links.

--the Ten Dharma Realms are not Beyond a Single Thought

In the spring the white flowers bloom.
In the autumn the yellow leaves fall.

If you can understand the principle behind the myriad transformations of nature, you will become enlightened. That is how Those Enlightened to Conditions awaken to the truth. They contemplate the Twelve Causal Conditions—all of which exemplify the Dharma.

--Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

The City of 10,000 Buddhas Movie

Cherishing Life

Dew and dewdrops




Sunrise, sun rays, and morning scenes

Resolve and Evergreen Trees in CTTB

Springtime in CTTB

Blossoming Trees in CTTB


The Lotus Flower (CTTB lotuses)

CTTB Grapes

CTTB Harvest

CTTB Walnuts

CTTB Apples

The Moon

Dusk and Night


Vegetarian Food

Speed Limit

Wildlife & animals

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