2010:                                         Other Updates

1. Offering of Pure Vegetarian Foods

2. Sanskrit Lessons #122 - #128

3. Vairochana, Chapter 6 of the Avatamsaka Sutra

4. The Names of the Thus Come Ones, Chapter 7

5. The Four Holy Truths, Chapter 8

6. Light Enlightenment, Chapter 9

7. The Ten Dwellings, Chapter 15

8. The Merit and Virtue from First Bringing Forth the Mind, Chapter 17

9. The Ten Inexhaustible Treasuries, Chapter 22

10. Praises in the Tushita Heaven, Chapter 24

11. The Lotus Sutra: A Parable, Chapter 3

12. The Lotus Sutra: Belief and Understanding, Chapter 4

13. The Lotus Sutra: Medicinal Herbs, Chapter 5

14. The Lotus Sutra: Conferring Predictions, Chapter 6

15. February 14: Lunar New Year Mantra Recitation schedule

16. Happy Chinese New Year

17. The Chan Handbook

18. The Lotus Sutra: The Analogy of the Transformed City, Chapter 7

19. The Lotus Sutra: Five Hundred Disciples Receive Predictions, Chapter 8

20. The Lotus Sutra: Bestowing Predictions Upon Those Studying and Those Beyond Study, Chapter 9

21. March: Dharma Master Da An lectures on Rebirth in the Pureland Shastra

22. The Lotus Sutra: Masters of the Dharma, Chapter 10

23. The Lotus Sutra: Vision of the Jeweled Stupa, Chapter 11

24. The Lotus Sutra: Devadatta, Chapter 12

25. The Lotus Sutra: Exhortation to Maintain, Chapter 13

26. Dharma Master Da An, March 5 - 9

27. The Ultimate Meaning of the Middle Way

28. Diet for World Peace

25. The Ten Grounds

26. Verses Delineating the Eight Consciousnesses

27. Pure Conduct, Chapter 11

28. The Tremendous Energy of Righteousness

29. Venerable Master Hua's Fifteenth Anniversary Contests

30. Medicine Master Sutra

31. A Taste of Taking Care of Little Kids

32. Learning From Mistakes In Order to Mature

33. CTTB Is My Home

34. Essay Writing Contest Results for Group B and C

35. Iridescent Clouds in CTTB

36. Iridescent Clouds movie taken in CTTB

37. Opening Ceremony for the Monastic Trainee Program at CTTB

38. Movie on Opening Ceremony of Novice Trainee Program, 23.1 MB

39. Students' Essays

40. Cultivating Virtue School 1981-82 Yearbook 1 (61 MB)

41. From Cultivating Virtue School Yearbook 2 (54.9 MB)

42. Universal Worthy's Conduct

43. How Buddhism Changed My Life!

44. Gathas spoken by the Venerable Master Hsu Yun

45. Song of the Skin Bag by the Venerable Master Hsu Yun

46. Three Days Amitabha Buddha Recitation Session Schedule PDF 46.7 kb

47. Celebration of Amitabha Buddha's Birthday and Recitation Schedule PDF 84.4 kb

48. Three Weeks Chan Meditation Schedule PDF 54 kb

49. Talks given at the City of 10,000 Buddhas

The True Nature of Kindness and Compassion by the Abbot, DM Heng Lyu

The Story of an Old Veteran by Bhikshu Jin Yan

Ultimate Peace And Happiness by Bhikshu Jin Fan

In Thought after Thought, Never Forget about the Sufferings of Birth and Death
by Bhikshuni Heng Yi

Treasure Trove in the Mundane World by Jin Shan Shr

A Sincere Dedication to All Teachers! by Shramanerika Jin Jian

The Meaning of Life is Cultivation by Chin Pei She

Social Engagement at CTTB by Amy Chang-Chien

Impermanence and Reciting the Buddha's Name by Bhikshu Jin Gong


Transformation in Prison by Shramanerika Jin Zhen

50. Happy 2011

Other Updates

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