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Universal Worthy's Conduct

-- Explaining the Secret Workings of the Buddha-Mind

“Of world-systems and Thus Come Ones,
The various names and titles,
Passing through limitless kalpas,
Could not be exhaustively spoken.

How much more does that hold true for surpassing wisdom,
The Dharmas of all Buddhas of the three periods of time,
Which arise directly from the Dharma Realm,
And permeate the Thus Come One’s ground.

With mindfulness that is pure and unobstructed,
And boundless unobstructed wisdom,
Speaking in detail of Dharma Realms,
Their other shore could be attained.”

-- All Buddhas of the Three Periods of Time’s Conduct of Gathering in and Transforming Beings

All the world-systems in the past,
Vast and great or else minute and subtle,
Which have been adorned through cultivation
In one thought can thoroughly be known.

In their midst the lions among people
Cultivated various Buddha conducts,
Accomplished Equal and Proper Enlightenment,
And manifested all of the self-masteries.

In the same way in the future times,
Successively through kalpas without limit,
The Bodhisattvas can completely know
All the Honored Ones of humankind,
And all their conduct and their vows,
As well as all their states,
How diligent they were in cultivation,
Therein achieving Right Enlightenment,
And know the multitudes of their assemblies,
Their life spans as they transform living beings.

Using all of these portals of Dharma,
Turning Dharma wheels for living beings.
When the Bodhisattvas know in that way,
They dwell on Universal Worthy’s conduct ground,
With its wisdom of total comprehension
Which produces each and every Buddha.

All included in the present time,
Each one of the many Buddha lands,
Deeply enters all of these kshetras,
And penetrates throughout the Dharma realm.

Within every one of those world-systems,
Each and every Buddha of the present,
Having obtained mastery of the Dharma,
Proclaims without obstruction whatsoever.

They also know the multitudes of their assemblies,
Their pure lands and powers of responsive transformation,
And how, exhausting limitless ten millions of kalpas,
They constantly consider those affairs.

Of taming masters, honored by the world,
All their awesome spiritual might
And inexhaustible treasuries of wisdom
Are every bit completely known to them.”

-- The Unobstructed Conduct of the Six Sense Organs

They bring forth the unobstructed eye,
Unobstructed ear and nose and body,
And an unobstructed vast long tongue,
Bringing happiness to living beings.

Their unobstructed mind, the most supreme,
Of vast, great, universal purification,
With wisdom which is everywhere pervasive
Knows all Dharmas of the three periods of time.”

-- The Conduct of Unending Transformations

They well learn about all transformations,
Transformations of kshetras, transformations of living beings,
Transformations of worlds, and transformations of subduing,
And ultimate transformation to reach the other shore.

The various distinctions of world-realms
All remain and dwell because of thought.
Upon entering expedient wisdom of a Buddha
This is all entirely understood.

In ineffably many multitudes of assemblies
They make appear a body for each one,
Enabling them to all see the Thus Come Ones
Rescuing and saving boundless living beings.”

-- The Conduct of Self-Mastery in the Three Periods of Time

The deep and profound wisdom of all Buddhas
Is like the sun arising in the world.
In each and every one of the countries
It universally appears without resting,
Penetrating all in the world
As being false names with no true actuality.
Living beings as well as the world-realms
Are like dreams and also just like shadows.

Regarding all the worldly Dharmas
Buddhas do not bring forth views of discriminations,
And those who are well free of discriminations,
Also do not see discriminations.

Limitless and boundlessly many kalpas
They understand to be a single thought,
And they also know that thought is without thought.
That is how they see the world.

All the lands and countries without limit
In one thought are entirely transcended,
Yet passing through limitlessly many kalpas
They do not move from their original place.

For them, all the ineffably many kalpas
Are just the shortest possible interval.
They do not see long or short duration
But make ultimate the Dharma of a kshana.

Their mind dwells within world-systems,
And world-systems dwell in their mind,
But towards this, they do not falsely give rise
To discriminations of dual and non-dual.

Living beings and worlds as well as kalpas,
All Buddhas and all Buddhas’ Dharmas,
Are all like illusory transformations,
The Dharma Realm being totally one sameness.

Universally in kshetras of the ten directions
They make appear limitlessly many bodies,
Yet they know the bodies arise out of conditions,
And are ultimately without attachment to them.

Based upon non-dual wisdom,
There appear lions among people,
Who are not attached to there being no duality,
Knowing there is neither duality nor non-duality.”

-- The Conduct of Self- Mastery with the Wisdom which is Properly Aware

They clearly understand and know that all that is worldly
Is like a mirage, like light, and like reflections,
Like an echo and like a dream,
Like an illusion and like transformational changes.

In that way, they accord with and they enter
The locations of practice of all Buddhas.
They accomplish the wisdom of Universal Worthy,
And universally deeply illumine the Dharma Realm.

They leave far behind defiled attachments
To living beings and worlds,
Yet expansive is their great compassionate mind
To purify all that is worldly.

The Bodhisattvas are always properly mindful
Discussing the lions’ wondrous Dharma.
They are purified just like empty space,
Yet they establish great expedient means.

They see worldlings as ever confused and upside down,
And so resolve to rescue and cross them over.
What they practice is all completely pure,
And they universally pervade all Dharma Realms.

If seen in their actuality,
All Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas,
Buddhadharmas and worldly dharmas
Are completely undifferentiated.”

-- The Conduct of Manifesting a Body which is not a Body

The Thus Come One’s Treasury of the Dharma Body
Universally enters the world.
Although it is present in the world,
Towards the world it has no attachments.

Just as reflected images do not come or go
Within clear, pure water,
You should know it is just the same way
With the Dharma body as it pervades the world.

With such freedom from defilement and attachment,
The body and worlds are both pure,
Still and clear just like empty space,
And all things do not have production.

They know the body does not have an end,
Is without production and without extinction,
Neither permanent nor without permanence
As it manifests throughout all worlds.

They dispel all deviant outlooks,
And open up proper views.
The Dharma nature does not come or go,
And does not attach to a self or what belongs to a self.”

--The Conduct of Manifesting Limits where there are no Limits

This is as a master magician
Makes appear all kinds of things,
Which do not come from anywhere
Nor go to any place.

The illusions’ nature neither has limits,
Nor is it without limits,
Yet in the midst of the great crowd
Three manifest limits within the limitless.

Using this mind of still samadhi,
They cultivate all wholesome roots.
That produces each and every Buddha,
And is neither limited nor without limits.

Both having limits and not having limits
Are entirely nothing but false thoughts.
In understanding and penetrating every destiny,
They are not attached to limits or no limits.

The deep, profound Dharma of all Buddhas
Is vast, most still and tranquil.
With the depths of limitless wisdom,
They know the profundity of all destinies.

The Bodhisattvas leave confusion and inversion.
The purity of their minds is continuous.
They cleverly with powers of spiritual penetrations
Cross over living beings without limit.”

- The Wisdom of Greatly Compassionate Conduct--The Conduct of Not Dwelling while Gathering in and Transforming

Those not yet peaceful they make peaceful,
And to the peaceful they show the Way Place.
In that way, they pervade the Dharma realm,
Yet their minds have no attachment.

They do not dwell in the limit of reality,
Nor do they enter into Nirvana.
In that way, they pervade the world,
And enlighten the flocks of beings.

Dharmas’ number and all living beings’ number
They completely know and yet are not attached to.
They universally rain down the rain of Dharma,
Amply moistening all in the world.

Universally inside of all worlds
They accomplish Right Enlightenment in thought after thought,
Yet still cultivate the Bodhisattva conduct,
And never do they ever retreat.”

-- The Conduct of Manifesting a Body which is not a Body

All the various Bodies in the world
Are all completely understood and known.
In that way, knowing Dharma of bodies,
They then obtain all Buddhas’ bodies.

They universally know all living beings,
All kalpas along with all kshetras.
In the ten directions without any limits,
There is nothing which does not enter their wisdom sea.

There is no limit to the bodies of living beings,
And they manifest bodies for each one.
The Buddha’s body which has no bounds,
The Wise Ones can all contemplate and see.

All that is known in one thought
Of Thus Come Ones’ appearances in worlds,
Passing though limitless kalpas
Could not be extolled to the end.”

-- The Conduct of Distributing Sharira

The bodies which all Buddhas can manifest,
In every location achieve parinirvana.
In a single thought they are limitless,
And their shariras are each different.

In that way, in the times of the future
There will be those who seek the Buddha fruition.
The ones of decisive wisdom can completely know
Those resolves for Bodhi which are limitless.”

-- The Conduct of Knowing the Greatness of the Buddha-Mind

In that way, in the three periods of time,
All of the Thus Come Ones therein
Can each one be totally known.
That’s called dwelling in Universal Worthy’s conduct.”

-- The Conduct of Deeply Entering the Wheel of Dharma

In that way, discriminately knowing
The limitless conducts and grounds,
They enter the location of wisdom,
And their wheel never retreats.

With subtle, wonderful vast and great wisdom,
They deeply enter the Thus Come One’s state.
And having entered they do not retreat.
That is called Universal Worthy’s wisdom.

All the most supremely Honored Ones
Universally enter the Thus Come One’s state,
Cultivate and do not retreat,
And achieve unsurpassed Bodhi.”

-- The Conduct of Knowing Faculties and Capacities

Minds without limit, without bounds,
Karma which for each is not the same,
All accumulate because of thought,
Which they levelly and completely know.

The defiled and the non-defiled,
Minds of study and minds beyond study,
All of the ineffably many minds
In thought after thought they completely know.

Bodhisattvas comprehend that those minds are neither one nor dual,
Not defiled and not pure as well,
That they also are not mixed up or confused,
And that all rises out of minds’ own thoughts.

In that way, Bodhisattvas completely, clearly see
That from all the many living beings’
Minds and thoughts each not the same
There arise the many kinds of worlds.

Using such expedients as these,
And cultivating the most supreme conducts,
They are transformationally born from the Buddha’s Dharma.
And obtain the name Universal Worthy.”

-- The Conduct of Comprehending Worldly Karmic Delusion

Living beings all falsely arise.
The good and evil destinies all are from thought.
Because of it, there may be rebirth in the heavens,
Or there may be falling to the hells.

The Bodhisattvas contemplate the worlds
As arising from false thinking and karma.
Because the false thinking has no bounds,
Worlds, too, are also limitless.

All of the many lands and countries
Appear from the network of thinking.
Through expedient means this network of illusion
Can be totally entered in a single thought.”

-- The Conduct of Penetrating the Sense Organs and Realms

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body,
And mind faculties are also like that.
The worlds, different because thinking differs,
Can all through sameness be entered.

Each and every single state of vision
Can be entered by limitless eye-organs
With their various kinds of natures which are different,
Limitless and ineffably many.

Yet, what is seen does not have any difference,
And is furthermore not jumbled or confused.
In each, according to individual karma,
The corresponding retribution is undergone.

Universal Worthy, with limitless power,
Completely knows them all in detail.
And each and every single state of vision
Through great wisdom can totally be entered.

In that way, all in the various world-systems
Can totally be known in detail.
What is more, in cultivation of each and every conduct
There is also never any retreat.”

-- The Conduct of Knowing the Four Aspects of Speaking Dharma

Speakings of Buddhas and speakings of living beings,
As well as speakings of all countries,
And speakings that way in the three periods of time
In their differences can totally be known.

The future present in the past,
The present, present in the future,
All three periods of time are reciprocally seen,
Yet every single one of them is clear.

In that way, there are limitless kinds
To enlighten those in the world.
The skillful expedients of All Wisdom
Have no boundaries which can be obtained.

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